FileOpen Client Installers
FileOpen Systems provides a set of free plug-ins and viewers that can be used to access documents encrypted with the FileOpen software. These include plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat™ and Reader™, and standalone viewers for handheld platforms. Note that installation of the FileOpen Client software is not sufficient to enable opening of documents, the publisher's permission is also required. Click here for plug-in uninstall/removal instructions.

FileOpen Plug-in Installers for Windows

Windows Installers

FileOpen Exe Installer (recommended)

MSI Installer for 64bit systems

MSI Installer for 32bit systems

Which installer should I choose?

We recommend the .exe installer for normal interactive installations as it will install the correct version for your platform.

The .exe and .msi installers are equivalent. We provide .msi installers for network deployment by system administrators.

System Requirements

Windows 7 or later, Server 2008 or later

Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or later

FileOpen Plug-in Installer for Macintosh

Mac OSX Installers:

Mac OS 10.6+ Installer

Mac OS 10.5 (or lower) Installer


Please understand that Apple is no longer supporting OSX 10.5, which makes it difficult for us to support it too. This is why the current installer is no longer compatible with OSX 10.5.

System Requirements

Mac OS X

Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or later

FileOpen Viewer for iOS

App Store

FileOpen Viewer for iOS

System Requirements

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS 4.0 or later.

FileOpen Viewer for Android


FileOpen Viewer for Android

System Requirements

Android 2.2 +

FileOpen Plug-in Installer for Linux

Gzipped Tar Archive

Download the gzipped tar archive, and use the binary installer or proceed with manual installation:

System Requirements

Linux Kernel 1.4 or later

Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or 8.0 only.

FileOpen Systems has been a licensed Adobe Security Partner since 1997.